Find any model quickly

Enterprise engineers and designers spend hundreds of hours each year looking for models in PLM and CAD systems. Physna’s powerful technology searches through entire databases of models within seconds. Find models based on geographic measurements, model description or metadata. By codifying each CAD file, models can be located regardless of file type and whether it’s a complete or partial model. Now, engineering and design teams can easily find and leverage models across teams, globally, and even from suppliers.

Locate all similar models

Our proprietary algorithm finds all models similar to your CAD file, with any CAD file type, and even if the file is not complete. Our technology does not just rely on slicing, external views or camera angles to determine the uniqueness of a model. Instead, our algorithm creates a true codified representation of your models, revealing the most complicated of details, even parts within parts. Find all exact and similar models based on shapes, features, tags or virtually any known information.

Easily see differences between models

Physna makes it simple to see the differences between 3D models, even without access to CAD. Drill into the details to see the differences in components and assemblies, even parts within parts. Empower your procurement and manufacturing teams to see the differences between model geometry and model specifications without access to complicated CAD systems.


Physna works as a valuable addition to leading CAD or PLM systems. We offer custom integration for your PLM, CAD and ERP systems.

Physna Features List

Shape search
Geometric search
Model Data Search
Predicted Model Data Search
Feature search
Feature recognition
Duplicate reporting
Part-in-part / component usage report
AI predictions
Cost Predictions
Automated syncing of models
Automated syncing of user permissions
Available as a cloud application
On premises installation available
Model data encryption
Model comparison
Version comparison
Model integrity check
Model standardization
Manufacturability analysis
List alternative components / parts
List alternate parts / suppliers
PLM integration
PDM integration
CAD integration
Customizable reporting
Customizable settings
No CAD software required
No PLM software required

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