Gain actionable insights from your 3D models.

Only Physna helps you improve productivity, save time, and empower innovation by making your 3D models searchable and accessible in new and unprecedented ways.

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Gain actionable insights from your 3D models. Alt Text!

Automated Classification

Using your 3D file types, Physna builds uniform geometric objects to create a single catalog that includes not just every one of your models — but also each part of every model, associated models, and assemblies — all without accessing a CAD or PLM platform.

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Identify Model Duplicates

Physna Match Report quickly identifies all of your duplicate models and model alternatives within your database and helps you classify them appropriately.

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Simplified Search

By leveraging object geometry, Physna makes it easy to search by text, tags, image, or 3D model to find the part you need and identify every application where that part can be used.

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Side-by-Side Comparison

Physna Component Comparison allows you to quickly recognize both similarities and differences between 3D models to help you easily visualize the best part fit for your selected application.

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More Accurate Model Predictions

By pairing your existing data with deep geometric understanding of your 3D models, Physna can make custom predictions on cost, material, manufacturability, performance, and more.

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With Physna API, you can leverage Physna as a standalone solution, or, to add value immediately, fully integrate Physna into your existing systems.

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Ready to learn how Physna can turbocharge your business? Alt Text!