Physna's Vision

Over 70% of the economy is centered around physical goods, but less than 1% of software is capable of handling 3D data. Physna was founded on the principle that computers should be taught to “think” in 3D, and accurately describe the real, 3D world around us. By enabling 3D models to be treated and analyzed like other code, Physna’s technology bridges the gap between the physical world and digital world of software. By democratizing the ability to design, interact with and analyze 3D models of the world around them, more people will have the ability to create and drive innovation in product design, 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality, gaming, healthcare and beyond.

Our History

We originally developed Physna to protect product designs from theft. Our company evolved into what it is today: The world’s leading 3D geometric deep learning software technology.

  • 2015

    Paul Powers and Glenn Warner founded Physna

  • 2018

    CEO Paul Powers is named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list

  • 2019

    Physna receives Series A funding from Drive Capital

  • 2020

    Physna launches Thangs, a 3D Model Community.

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